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Updates to the NPF Website and Survey Invitation

Hello everyone! 

As announced previously, we are currently updating our website. Over the next few weeks we will continue to change and modify our website's design to provide current information and support for our community of scholars. 

As part of updating the website, we would like to update information about current NPF scholars. This part of the website will share current biographic information about scholars, research interests, and areas of expertise. We hope that keeping up-to-date information about those who engage in NPF work will contribute to our goals of sharing information, fostering community, and advancing collaboration within the NPF! 

As part of this endeavor, we would deeply appreciate it if you filled out this survey by June 7. This survey will ask about the information we would like to include on the website. See here: 

There will be more information regarding NPF community projects in the future, so please stay tuned!  


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