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NPF Panel at Upcoming Midwest Political Science Association Conference!

Greetings all!

We are coming up on a couple of great conferences which feature some interesting papers looking at policy research employing the Narrative Policy Framework and I wanted to be sure that folks knew about them. The first of these is the 81st Midwest Political Science Association (MPSA) annual conference. On Thursday, April 4th from 3:00 to 4:30pm (CDT) a panel titled: Advances in the Narrative Policy Framework - New Applications of the NPF, will be held featuring four excellent papers.

The first paper, by Kellee J. Kirkpatrick and James W. Stoutenborough, titled, "Narratives and Public Policy Preferences: An Examination of the Relationship between Natural Gas Policy Narratives and Natural Gas Policy Preferences,"seeks to "...examine if support for specific natural gas policy narrativs influence support for specific natural gas public policy proposasl."

Up next, is "Women’s Economic Narratives in Unequal Times: Political Prose Around a 2023 Women’s Convention," by Julia Fisher Cummings. This paper looks at "...further develops the concept of economic narrative frames and the importance of narrator identify. It tests which LWV (League of Women Voters) policy issues are most likely to be discussed using economic frames at the Women’s Convention 2023."

The third paper on the panel, authored by Liz A. Shanahan, Manuel Ruiz-Aravena, Rob A. DeLeo, Elizabeth Ann Albright, Kristin Taylor, and Nathan Jeschke is titled, "Assessment and validity of advanced large language models for deductive narrative content analysis: A comparative study of ChatGPT and to human coding." This paper sets out to "... evaluate the proficiency of LLMs to follow instructions from codebooks developed and tested for NPF coding for human coders. Using the same data set, we compare human coding to AI coding."

Finally, Jessica Boscarino will present a paper titled, "Narration as Empowerment: Improving Political Efficacy through Policy Stories," which, using a case study approach, "...expands the NPF to test the hypothesis that the act of narration – telling policy stories – improves political efficacy by empowering actors to tell their truth and direct political discourse."

Really looking forward to these papers and I hope that you will drop in if you are attending MPSA! Stay tuned for another announcement about NPF research that is being presented at the Conference on Policy Process Research (COPPR) in the coming weeks.

Here is a link to the Online Program as well:


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