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Narrative Policy Framework Online Community Forum Interaction Standards.

The overriding goal of the Narrative Policy Framework Online Community is to bring people interested in exploring public policy with the NPF together to advance our understanding of the public policy process. The forum is intended to facilitate the growth and development of the NPF by sharing insights, research, questions, instruments, opinions, and other resources with one another. As such, this website’s posting policy is one which is relatively lax, in the sense that posting will require posters to request access to the forum, in order to reduce the incidence of bots and trolls on the forum. In addition, as the NPF is founded on open inquiry and respect for the various different interpretations of what is actual and what is desirable, the guiding value for the moderation of the forum will ask that you are respectful to others in all your posts and replies.


Posts containing any of the following content listed below will be considered for removal by the moderator. Repeated violations may result in suspension of the poster’s account at the discretion of the moderators. So, in order to create an open and welcoming environment, please be certain that your post DO NOT include any of the following:

  • Spam or scams

  • Pornography or links to pornographic websites

  • Posting copyrighted material you do not own

  • Invitations to engage in illegal activity

  • Behavior which creates a threatening or unwelcoming environment through harassing, discriminating, bullying, or ad hominem attacks against other users

  • Impersonation of other users

  • Gratuitous images featuring extreme violence, graphic violence, threats, gore, obscenities

  • Harming others or acting maliciously

  • Unauthorizing publication of another’s private information (a.k.a doxing)

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